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    The Orchid Farm is a family run plant propagation company located in London Ontario Canada specializing in Seed Germination and Plant Tissue Culture of Orchids, Cactus and Succulents. We have been extreme gardeners for over two decades. We can sell you plantlets ready to grow out in the greenhouse or specially propagate on demand to fill your needs. Our advanced Plant Tissue Culture methods allow for the most productive plants to be reproduced on mass all having the exact same traits as the original plant. For nursery growers this can mean significantly less fluctuation in production from plant to plant. It also allows the quality of a plant strain to be even across a crop since all the plants are technically the same plant or a selection of top producers. We offer personalized service with our customers success being our main concern. 
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   Do you have Orchid seeds you want to germinate? We can flask them for you and return flasks of healthy young orchids for your enjoyment or production system. For Nursery operations our custom tissue culture is the fastest way to produce large amounts of Orchids to fill you greenhouse.

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